Monday, March 30, 2009

Mexican Swaps

Mexico Whimsy Jar

I'm currently hosting this swap at swap-bot. (I really feel like I type "Swap-bot" way too many times) I've already finished mine, since it's not profile specific. I had way more fun than I expected to have making this. I really had to be creative though. I think my favorite item is the little skeleton socks. I love em sooooo much that I bought myself a pair too. They're the kind of socks that you're not supposed to see but I would want mine to show. They're too cute to hide.


Potty Mouth ATC Swap

This one was fun because you actually get to have a potty mouth. And it's all good. I won't type what mine say but I use those 2 words together quite often. I have to be pushed though. he he he


250 ct Mexican Cultura Matchbox Shrine Swap

I hosted a big matchbox shrine swap at Swap-bot. The theme was "Mexican Cultura". You
got to choose whatever you wanted to base your shrine on, just as long as it had to do with Mexican culture. It was lots of fun even though a lot of people didn't sign-up. 3 people that did sign-up, dropped from the swap. In the end we only had 4 participants. I was kind of bummed but it's their loss because the girls did such a great job.


I Chose to base my shrine on Frida Kahlo. Nothing says Mexico more than Frida. Right? I made the little calavera out of clay and beads. My partner was LaTosi at swap-bot. Hope she likes it!


I received this awesome shine from HoneyBunny over at swap-bot. Her theme was a "Charro", which is a Mexican cowboy. I just love it to death! She did such a great job. This is going in my china cabinet. All the stuff in there is from Mexico. This fits right in.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Boquet From My Hubby

So my other 1/2 bought me a bouquet of flowers. I loved the colors so much that I decided to take some pictures. The 1st photo is of the actual colors. How vibrant they are! Of course they dye the flowers to make them hot pink. Trust me. I know because I have to keep changing the water because it keeps turning hot pink.

The 2nd photo, I of course had to edit in sepia. For those of you that don't know...I have a mean fetish with black & white/Sepia, photos. Thus, I have a habit of changing nearly every photo I take into black and white.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free Bird Tags

My Inspiration "Strawberry"

I'm in love with bird silhouettes lately. You see them everywhere and everybody is using them. So I thought...."Tonya, why don't you make some cool printable tags"? I talk to myself every now and then. I haven't really started answering myself though. lol That's when you know you have a problem. So anyways, here are the tags. They are 2x2 inches at 300dpi. Enjoy and lemme see what you make with them.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Sweets

New Crafty Senorita Packaging. I wanted something clean and classy. I really like it!

Some of the charms made for Jex . She likes Kawaii stuff . We're doing a private trade and guess what? SHE LIVES IN MEXICO! I know I'll love whatever she send to me. he he Can't wait.

2 Swaps I Sent Out

This one was sent to Favorite Color Swap:
I sent this pink parcel to ladolcevitacrafts over at swap-bot. The theme was "Favorite Color Swap". She picked P!nk of course.

The theme for this one was "Yummy Cupcake Stuffs". This went out to Cookie Chef at swap-bot. She loved it and I even got a heart. You can't really see but I made some really cute polymer charms for these 2 swaps.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cool Downloads For The Weekend

Look at these cute stickers that I found at Rachel Ray's site. You can customize them with your name. They're lunch bag stickes! Great for you child's lunch or you can put them on your lunch for work. That way no one gets confused and eats Your peanut butter and jelly sammich.

Click here to download

More cute lunch labels found at Martha Stewart.

Click here to Download.

I found this little site where you can print and decorate you own Matroyshka doll. There are 5 sizes. I haven't finished mine as of yet but it's on my weekend to-do list.

Click here to download them.

My 1st painting

It's Frida!

So this is my very 1st painting...ever! I'm 31 years old and my hubby of 13 years has told me "Honey, you're no painter", so many times, that I just never gave it a try. I've always wanted to. I remember being inspired by Bob Ross on PBS, as a child. It was just something about his voice as he painted those "Happy little trees". I finally did it. Not half bad for a 1st try either. Painting makes me happy. I'm off to buy some 16x20 canvas later today. We'll see how that turns out.