Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Sweets

New Crafty Senorita Packaging. I wanted something clean and classy. I really like it!

Some of the charms made for Jex . She likes Kawaii stuff . We're doing a private trade and guess what? SHE LIVES IN MEXICO! I know I'll love whatever she send to me. he he Can't wait.


  1. Hello, love ur crafts... r they polymer clay?
    I'm ellysn from blog followers swaps. My blog:

  2. WOW!!! Your awesomely talented with the polymer! Those look good enough to eat!

    I bought a book to learn it, but just never have tried it out yet. I'd love to learn to make stitch markers for my knitting and crochet.

    BTW, I'm crochetferretlvr from the swap-bot Blog Swap!

  3. Hi..........the charms are so lovely (like Krystal I've tried but failed!)
    your swaps look great....lucky people! I'm looking forward to seeing what you get from mexico......
    Nicki x (swap-bot bloggers!)

  4. Love these - especially that last cupcake :-)

  5. HI, thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours.....I love the little ice cream cone, too cute.

  6. These little charms look simply delicious except for the poop charm of course.HeHe.Swapbot:Ang73

  7. Hi Tonya! So glad to be able to check you out! Love the polymer clays cuppies...I'm a baker too...cuppies are a love!! Also a sculpey loca! I too am on etsy..I hearted you...feel free to check out my etsy bit of this and that.

    Totlly love Lila Downs...nice choice!
    I'm a follower now! Look forwar to keeping in touch!

  8. Yay! Thanks Tonya, I can´t wait to return of my trip and get some cool stuff for you in Guadalajara!! =) Thanx for making this cute things, and for making this private swap with me n__n P.S. I buy yesterday some cute mexican stuff for youuuu!!