Monday, March 30, 2009

Mexican Swaps

Mexico Whimsy Jar

I'm currently hosting this swap at swap-bot. (I really feel like I type "Swap-bot" way too many times) I've already finished mine, since it's not profile specific. I had way more fun than I expected to have making this. I really had to be creative though. I think my favorite item is the little skeleton socks. I love em sooooo much that I bought myself a pair too. They're the kind of socks that you're not supposed to see but I would want mine to show. They're too cute to hide.


Potty Mouth ATC Swap

This one was fun because you actually get to have a potty mouth. And it's all good. I won't type what mine say but I use those 2 words together quite often. I have to be pushed though. he he he


250 ct Mexican Cultura Matchbox Shrine Swap

I hosted a big matchbox shrine swap at Swap-bot. The theme was "Mexican Cultura". You
got to choose whatever you wanted to base your shrine on, just as long as it had to do with Mexican culture. It was lots of fun even though a lot of people didn't sign-up. 3 people that did sign-up, dropped from the swap. In the end we only had 4 participants. I was kind of bummed but it's their loss because the girls did such a great job.


I Chose to base my shrine on Frida Kahlo. Nothing says Mexico more than Frida. Right? I made the little calavera out of clay and beads. My partner was LaTosi at swap-bot. Hope she likes it!


I received this awesome shine from HoneyBunny over at swap-bot. Her theme was a "Charro", which is a Mexican cowboy. I just love it to death! She did such a great job. This is going in my china cabinet. All the stuff in there is from Mexico. This fits right in.


  1. This is so wonderful.I love the look of your blog.It looks so clean and interesting.I was wondering if you'd be ineterested in joining a share that I'm hosting on my blog.It does have some restrictions but your welcome to check it out if you'd T.I love your music by the way and I love Mariachi.I might have to steal that for my playlist.hehehe.

  2. So jealous!! I saw the swap and wanted to join...but was still fairly new to the whole swap bot thing..and learning about so many wonderful new forms of a great swap!

  3. he he he I had a lot of fun putting this one together. Hope my partner likes my whimsy jar.