Saturday, April 4, 2009

My 32nd Birthday & a trade

Yay for 32....Not! lol This is what my lovely family bought me! They even got me4 embossing folders, circle and tag die cut sets and a 3 drawer chest for craft supplies. I Am a lucky girl!


Cherries, Lolli Pops, Ice Cream and Cupcake Trade

I've been seeing tons of cute things featuring cherries, lollies, ice cream and cupcakes. All at a very reasonable price. I guess since the weather is getting a bit warmer, the stores feel they need to rack up in cute girly items. I have no idea but I decided to host a swap with this theme. It went well. This is what I sent.


  1. Chica,

    Your blog rawks! Happy belated Birfday!


  2. Aw, thank you Miss Sacred Snatch! :)

  3. Feliz Cumple anos !!! 32...u r still a baby! It's my grand daughter's 1st birthday as well! Sounds like it was great!

  4. Happy Birthday Senorita!You have now joined the ranks of the 32 year olds.I will be 33 this year.Ahhhhhhh!

  5. Ooh that all looks so nice!! Mmmmmm!