Thursday, April 9, 2009

Handmade Tag Overload!

I seriously did some tags! A lot of tags. I'm hosting a handmade tag swap and you have to make only 20 tags. I just can't seem to stop. Notice the cute packaging. I luff cute packaging. Sometimes I even imagine that I have my own little craft line. lol I really envy Martha.

These are what I'm sending in the swap.

You can make these cute sugar skull tags too. If you downloaded my tag template that is. I think I may only have it up for a limited time, then retire them. Get them while ya can.

The 2 tags above were made from a Martha Stewart template. You can find the link in my Downloads section. They turned out quite nice. (These are for my partner in the 20 tags swap as well)

These are for bigger gifts. You would 1st wrap your gift, then tie the strings all the way around the gift. It's different. Also from Ms. Martha.

Hippity hop

OOOoooooo.....with a cherry on top!

French and English
Birds wiff an attitude


  1. Love them all! Packaging is sweet! We all aspire to be like Martha!!! Happy Easter Tonya!

  2. Wow Tonya, your on a tagging-spree! Everything looks so clean and professional everytime. Love em!