Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sugar Skull Tags

I was messing around with some more tag designs. I really like how these turned out. Now I just have to wait for my darn color ink cartridge to come in the mail. Should be tomorrow. Then I'll be a printing fool. If you download and print them, please let me know how they turned out. Don't download the picture above go down there to get high res PDF. Happy tagging!



  1. Ohh I'm liking these! And you sharing these with us too, you are to kind! I'll have to come up with a reason to tag things and I'll let you know how they turned up!

  2. Thank you. Yes I'm sharing. Sharing makes you coooooool.

  3. I really love these and yes I have downloaded them too.You are a little genius in the craft corner of the world and Thanks so much for sharing these sugar skulls with us.